These are the current needs we are seeking to provide through assistance from USAC's Erate Program for 2021

Category 1:  ISP service on our existing fiber

Category 2:  


  1. Access Points (replacement/updating of current system)  - currently have Ubiquity product - 

    1. Replacing existing access points - 13 access points

    2. Adding new access points to the system - 6 new access points

  2. New UPS system (what size?)

  3. Installation Costs for the above

    BMIC - We need a vendor to help maintain the following on our network either by phone or on site support:


    Omada EAP245  quantity 15

    OC200 Omada TP link Controller


    UPS  Liebert GXT5 2000LVRT




    HP2530 48G  quantity 3

    HP2530  24G PoE +   

    HP2530 48    PoE+

    HP ProCurve 2520G 8 PoE

    HP ProCurve gigabit mini




    Sophos XG 230


Thinking about ten hours at an hourly rate.....

These are our current needs that we will be seeking to fill using the Erate program.  (2015-2016)


We are looking into changing our telephone system because it is outdated. We do not need VOIP.
We have about five lines and service 30 phones with local, LD, and voice mail currently. Interested in same type of service, but upadting of equipment is necessary due to failures in service. Looking for dependability.


Internet service currently through Charter. Will need to review and recontract, or change provider. Although service has not been stellar, the price point for 100x10 is solid. Would think about a change rather than renewal.


This is our big project. We need to have:

1. Our network evaluated for reliability. Cisco Switches are 10-12 years old.
2. Current wireless has some problems on occassion with reliable connectivity in the classrooms where one to one is being done..
3. Replacement of current access points with new equipment is our goal - but want to make sure there are not other issues with the network that may also be contributing to the connectivity issue. (Internal Connections and Managed Internal Broadband Services)

Questions can be addressed to contact on item 6 on Form 470 - Gail Potratz