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WHAT TO DO (April 6-10)
1. After receiving parent input, I have added recommended days to subject matter.
***** If that day doesn't work,..please don't worry.
2. I apologize for the length of the directions.
***** Adding more clarifications, activities, pictures, made this long.
3. Subject matter (Christ Light, Reading, Spelling, English, and Math) are things that deal directly with 4th grade curriculum.
***** These are “more” recommended. If the state would come looking for what was done educationally during distance learning, this is what they would want to see.
***** I won’t say they are required, but these are things that will keep 4th grade minds focused on education and will help them to be ready for 5th grade.
4. The list on the far bottom…is just like it says,
****** OTHER THINGS TO DO...No, not required. Just for fun.
5. There are assignments/activities listed for Monday through Friday, but less on Thursday and Friday
***** I did include some Holy Week activities that could be done on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.
6. Pictures of assignments/activities in this email are also attachments.
7. Next assignment/activity list will be online on Easter Sunday, April 12.

Christ Light - recommended
Monday - read 6A – Solomon Becomes King. Use Parent and Kids. Look up the Bible passages, Use the prayer. Do the WS.
Tuesday – read 6B – Idolatry of Solomon. Use Parent and Kids…especially number 1. Look of the Bible passages. Use the prayer. Do the WS.
THEN – “Act out” Psalm 119:105. If you have Flipgrid or some other way to videotape, I’d love to see what you came up with. Maybe Mom or Dad can use their phone and video this activity.
Thursday –  Not required, but a Holy Week activity for the whole family.
Egg Activity…on paper, unless you can figure out how to do this on real eggs.       

Jelly Bean Activity – Not required.

Also, Thursday’s Maundy Day service will be online and on the radio.
Holy Week Bible Hunt – Not required, a Holy Week activity for the family.


Friday – One, listen to the chapel service. Two, Good Friday service will be on the website and on the radio.

Reading – The entire week is a writing project. YES…do this.
A. Topic – The importance of taking care of God’s world
MONDAY – Prewriting – Use your writing journal
Set up your page like this:


Your facts – and you only need three. Use mine or your own.
Fact one…Bible passages about creation and God’s world.
Genesis chapter 1…Psalm 95:4,5…Psalm 96:11,12…Job 12:7-10…there are more
Fact two…Use your senses.
What do see, hear, feel, smell, taste when you’re outside.
Fact three…
What things ruin God’s creation?

TUESDAY – Draft…write on every other line.
Start with a topic sentence.
Use your story map. Back up your statements with reasons.
Make sure your story sounds finished.

WEDNESDAY – revise
Read it aloud to someone.
Did they hear your topic sentence?
Do you have reasons?
Does it sound done?

Ways to publish.
If you know how to use Google docs…send it to me that way. Ask an older brother or sister.
Type it in an email to me.
Read it to me on Flipgrid.

Spelling --- Not required.
No official spelling this week…I opened up past spelling lists on Spelling City. For right now, I don’t think you can get to the premium activities, but the free ones should work.
Spelling Quizzes
Week 2 --- 362969
Week 5 --- 586131
Week 7 --- 297722

English – Yes, do this.
If you have access to Khan Academy....
MONDAY - Go to the Grammar section and listen to: Singular & Plural Nouns
1. Either write the singular or plural form of what’s missing. Email me your list, or show me on Flipgrid.
dog _________________
mouse _______________
child ________________
person ________________
wish __________________
penny ________________
TUESDAY - Go to the Grammar section of Khan Academy and listen to: Common & Regular Nouns
For every common noun, write an example of a proper noun. Email me your list, or show me on Flipgrid.
Remember to use capital letters where they belong.
Example …. River  - Wolf River
School ___________________________
State _____________________________
Child ____________________________
Story _______________________________
Street _______________________________
Planet _______________________________
Candy bar ___________________________
Fast food ____________________________
Ketchup _____________________________
Car/Truck ____________________________
WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY ---- No English assignment.

If you DO NOT have Khan Academy access...
Use your Shurley book to review singular and plural nouns
Do the same singular and plural activity from above.
Use your Shurley book to review proper and common nouns.
Do the same proper and common noun activity as above.
WEDNESDAY TO FRIDAY ---- No English assignment.

Math  -- Yes, math is recommended.
Math Fact Monster

MONDAY – READ Lesson 73 – Polygons. Do not do the set.
Non-Khan Academy users.
Find triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, octagons inside and outside of your house.
Write down and send me a picture of the things that have these shapes.
Khan Academy users…
Do the lesson from beginning to end. (Cousin Fal’s shape collection all the way through polygons review.)
TUESDAY – More polygon work.
For all students.
Use your art supplies.
Make a fish or a tree using only polygons.
Show it to me on Flipgrid, or email a picture.
WEDNESDAY – FUN, but not required.
bake something in the shape of a polygon.
Use a deck of cards. This is the same as last week...or make your own version of "War" with cards.

OTHER THINGS TO DO...No, not required. Just for fun.
Speed Stacks
Typing lessons
Ask a family member to tell you their least favorite chore. Then do that chore for them.
Make a board of activities…cross them out when you do them. Here are my ideas.

Old List
* Put together a puzzle
* Go for a walk
***** I will send more scavenger hunt ideas
* GoNoodle
* Ride your bike
* Put up trash along the road...WITH Mom or Dad...NOT by yourself
* Jump rope
* Start some veggie plants inside
* Read your Bible
* Sing hymns
* Build something with toilet paper rolls

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