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4th Grade for May 18-20

This is our last few days.




Flipgrid Users…take note……

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May 18-20 … Drop Work Here!

The title of the topic will change with the week.


Christ Light – recommended

Monday – 13A READ The Jews Return to Judah. Do Parents #1, worksheet, Romans 8:28, prayer.

Tuesday – 13B READ Job. Do Parents #1 and/or2, worksheet, prayer.


Reading – Yes, do this.

Monday – Vocabulary WS 179

Tuesday – Read Shortstop from Tokyo

Wednesday – Who’s on First?

Watch this link:

You may need your parents or grandparents to explain some of this routine… They might also enjoy this!


Spelling – Yes, do this. We are in Week 30.

The only thing to do for the week…

Quizizz number - 6449167



None J


Math – Yes, do this.

Monday – Lesson 88 READ ONLY

Answer these questions:

How many grams in a kilogram? ______________________

What is the abbreviation for grams? ____________________

What is the abbreviation for kilograms? __________________

Find items in your house:

Something weighed in grams ______________________

Something weighed in kilograms ___________________


Tuesday & Wednesday – Khan Academy


Science – Get your responses to me either by email, Google docs, or Flipgrid.

Monday – review the chapter…Unit D Chapter 2

Tuesday or Wednesday – Quizizz number – 8944667…. You may use your book. Tell me how you did!


Social Studies

Monday – P. 80-88. READ. Compare the classroom on page 88 to our classroom.

Tuesday – P. 90-93. READ. Answer these questions.

What are the men in the picture on page 93 doing? _______________________________________

Would you like to have that job (from the men on page 93)? Why? Or Why not? _______________________

What happened in Peshtigo (from page 93)? ______________________________-

Wednesday – Read anything else in the Wisconsin book…and tell me about it. Ideas…Harley-Davidson? farm crops?


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