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  Cool/Fun Resources  
Check out this interactive math games!
Click HERE.
Bible Lookup
Ever wonder where a certain Bible passage is located? Ever have part of a Bible verse stuck in mind and cannot figure out the rest of it? Here's a great place for help. Click on Bible Lookup.
The US Census Bureau has put this website together for kids. It is full of stats and facts for the United States. Cool Place!!! Click on the word FactFinder to get to the site.
Math Playground
Click on the the above words, Math Playground, to find a cool, interactive site that can boast math understanding.
National Geographic Kids
National Geographics Kids page is filled with videos, stories, activities, photos, and much more from the libraries of National Geographic. Click the pink National Geographic Kids to get there!
Kids' Connection
Each month we watch the WELS Kids' Connection. It is the kid equivalent of the WELS Connection that we see during church services. This is a cool site for kids and parents alike. Click the green Kids' Connection.
Go Wild
Learn about exotic animals by creating your own. Clicking on the bright red link, Go Wild, will take you to the New York Zoos and Aquarium site. It's fun!!!
Fact Monster
Fact Monster is a site that is FULL of really cool stuff. Need some homework help? Looking for information about the planet? or famous people? or world news? Ever wonder what you would call a person that collects teddy bears? Need to know how to write 70 in Roman numerals? This site has it all! Click the purple Fact Monster!
Math Fact Practice
Set up your own levels and functions. Fun!
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