New Assignments

  New Assignments  
                             Assignments for:  May 18-20
BIBLE LESSONS: You will be reading lesson 13A on Monday about the Jews and their final return to Judah.  Review the passage Romans 8:28 and work on the activity.  Then on Tuesday, read about Job in lesson 13B.  Sometimes we think that we have so many problems, and we don't know what to do.  Think about Job, and how God directed him.  Sing CW439 and work on the activity.

Do at least 2 parts on Monday, 2 one Tuesday, and finish on Wednesday.
  • You have worked on many items since you have been at home. 
  • It is time to see how you did on these learning tasks.  
  • Your job is to complete all of the questions on this page.  
  • Use your notebook to write your answers.  
  • Remember, your notebook needs to be turned in on Thursday this week, so you have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to complete this review!  
  • Your answers should be complete, and show me what you have learned.
  • Please make sure you do your best writing (neatness!!!) and please number your answers with the question numbers.
  • Good luck - you may use any “helps” from your notebook or papers that you need, but try to do these without Mom or Dad’s help.  They can check through it when you are done! 
1.  Write your complete cursive alphabet Aa-Zz.  Then, copy a sentence in cursive. 
         The sentence can be anything, but must have at least 6 words.
2.  Copy and solve the following math problems.
     457        830        196             683            723            937   
   +837       +105       +482            -262          -493          -258       
3.  Copy and solve the following math problems.
     900        500        408   
    -456        -281        -109
4.  Round these numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.    
              478   306   657   836    69
5.  Copy and multiply the following numbers.
               400 x 2 = ?    50 x 3 = ?    120 x 2 = ?
6.  Draw pictures to show these fractions:   1/4       2/8       3/4
7.   Using those fractions, write three statements to compare the fractions using
        the symbols <,>, =.
8.  Draw clocks to show these times:       4:00           8:30          2:45
9.  Answer this question in a complete sentence -
           If I started playing a game at 3:00 and finished the game at 4:15, how long did
            it take to play the game?   (It would have …)
10.  You read the book Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  Write about any adventure that
       the penguins had in the story.  Your paragraph must have at least 5 sentences,      
       and tell important ideas about that adventure.  Draw and color a picture
       about your summary.
 11.  You also read 4 other stories from your Reading book (The Secret of the Seal,
       Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain, Flames and Rebirth, LonPoPo).  Choose one
       and complete this story map in your notebook.
 12.  Lewis and Clark were two of the people that we learned a bit
       about from our book and videos.  Read each sentence below 
       and decide if the sentence is True or False. 
       If the sentence is False, tell me now you would fix it to make it 
  • Lewis and Clark explore much of the northeastern part of the United States.            T or F
  • Lewis and Clark traveled with a number of other men, and a dog, named Seaman.    T or F
  • George Washington asked them to explore a water route to the Pacific ocean.            T or F
  • Lewis and Clark's adventure happened back in 1804.    T or F
 13. Jamestown was another piece of history that we studied.  Draw some
       pictures involving Jamestown that would answer the questions Who? When?
       What?  Why?  and Where?.  (An example might be to draw a boat sailing across 
       the ocean to show the answer to the question Who?)  Label your pictures to help
       me understand.  More than one question can be answered in a picture!
 14.  Final Social Studies question:  You are making history right now! 
          Write about how!  (Hint:  COVID19)
 15.  We learned about our body systems.  Draw and label a smaller version of the
       system you worked on in your notebook and write 1 sentence about it!
 16.  We looked at several other experiments. Tell me about one of them that you did
         and draw a picture.  The experiment didn't have to work!