Grandparents Day
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        Faithful  Stephen
    Find out how Stephen told others about Jesus.
  • Read the lesson in your Bible Story book at home.
    Family Activity
    1.  Cut a 2-inch circle from heavy cardboard.  Glue a piece of red Indian corn at the center.  Glue a magnet or add magnetic tape to the back.  Place the magnet on your refrigerator.  When someone asks about the unusual magnet, say, "That's a drop of Jesus' blood."  Then tell what Jesus did to forgive our sins.  
    2.  Make a short paper chain using the colors from the witness poem written below.  Assist your child in making one link for each color.  Be sure to connect the links in the same order as the colors are mentioned in the poem.  Your child can point to a link while saying the corresponding line of the poem.  
       Our God tells us,  "Do not sin.  Be clean and white as snow."
       But we are dirty, gray with sin, no matter where we go.
       The cross of brown  tells us how our Savior, Jesus, died.
       His red blood washed away all sins of people far and wide.
       Now, like a yellow fire bright, my faith in Jesus glows.
       And like the summer's green grass, my love for Jesus grows.
      Memory Verse
    Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.  Mathew 28:20 
          Superkids  Club:    Learn Y, y
    Learn Y, y
  • Superkids  Club:    Learn  Y, y
    Look for the email that will allow your child to use the online song and library that goes with our learning of each letter this year.  Sign-up and lead your child to the website.  I will keep you informed about which letter we are studying.  Enjoy learning Y, y with the Superkids Club this week.

    Blending Practice:
    Have your child say each sound of these words and then say the word with all the sounds together.

    box          fix           sox        six      ax
    yes          wag           yell        yellow    

    Sight Word Practice:
    is         a          the       us         was     no
    put      for       and      like       said    you







           This week we will try some lessons from First Grade.
    Home Activity
  • Topic 1
    Family Activity
    The children learn to "sky-write" before we actually write with a pencil.  Use just a pointer finger in the air.  Each day look for the number on the math activity page that comes home.  Use the words for each number to the tune of "Skip to My Lou".  The children really love to learn numbers this way!  Lots of practice with sky-writing will make writing with a pencil easier in a few weeks.


  • *  Some pompoms.  Any color and size.
    *  Could you volunteer to help out in the classroom in the afternoon?  See Mrs. Koehler.
    *  Foam stickers (shapes, letters, bible shapes, etc.).
    *  No-longer-used-working digital camera for class projects and pictures.
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