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       Bible Stories
    Find out how God comes to us in his word each day.
  • Family Activity

    Please take some time to attend church with your family this summer.  Take every opportunity to share a Bible lesson with the new people you meet at the park, the beach or in your neighborhood this summer.  Have a Blessed summer!
    Memory Verse
    Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father
    and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.   Matthew 28:19 
         Meet the Superkids:    Learn the A, B, Cs
    Learn A, B, Cs
  • Meet the Superkids:   Learn C, c
    Look for the email that will allow your child to use the online song and library that goes with our learning of each letter this year.  Sign-up and lead your child to the website.  I will keep you informed about which letter we are studying.  Enjoy learning C, c with all the superkids this week.

    Listening Practice:
    Say each word and ask your child where they hear the sound /p/. 
    (Front or Back of the word)

    pond        pen           stop            tap             pelt    
    pun          Paul          clap            pastry        sap


    Blending Practice:
    Have your child say each sound of these words and then say the word with all the sounds together.

    pad          stop         cup         past      pen
    pit            pop         pants      clap       pin


    Sight Word Practice:
    is         a          the         us         of           for        no       put


           This Summer find ways numbers, sizes and shapes are used in the world.
    Home Activity
  • Summer Math
    Find ways to use numbers over the summertime.  Weigh things, measure, count to 100, add things together, make things bigger or smaller.  See numbers and read them wherever you find them.  Practice guessing about how many there are.  Play games and learn how to play smart enough to win.

  • *  Boxes of classroom tissues.
    *  Some pompoms.  Any color and size.
    *  Paper stickers of any size and type.
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