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        Philip  and  the  Ethiopian
    Find out how Philip shared the word with a man from Ethiopia.
  • Read the lesson in your Bible Story book at home.
    Family Activity
    1.  To make "Share Jesus" shoelaces, get some wide, white shoelaces.  Help your child draw black crosses and red hearts on them with permanent markers.  If someone asks your child about the laces, you have an opening for sharing the gospel.
    2.  Melt white chocolate.  Add crushed red and white candy canes or round, hard peppermints.  Stir.  Pour onto waxed paper.  Break into pieces when cool.  Put the candy in tiny boxes or jars and trim with ribbons.  Add a card with a happy message for a neighbor or for someone new to your church.  Be sure to add a simple message about the Savior and his love.
      Memory Verse
    Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father
    and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.   Matthew 28:19
         Superkids Club:    Learn Z, z
    Learn Z, z
  • Meet the Superkids:   Learn  Z, z
    Look for the email that will allow your child to use the online song and library that goes with our learning of each letter this year.  Sign-up and lead your child to the website.  I will keep you informed about which letter we are studying.  Enjoy learning Z, z with the Superkids this week.

    Listening Practice:
    Say each word and ask your child where they hear the sound /Z/. 
    (Front or Back of the Word.)

    fizz          zoo           zipper          zither 
    buzz         faze         zillion          fuzz

    Blending Practice:
    Have your child say each sound of these words and then say the word with all the sounds together.

    fizz          zipper      fuzz       zip
    buzz         zoo          zap        zin

    Memory Words
    is          a            the           us         of      no
    put       for         and          like       said   




           This week we will tell properties and attributes of items.
    Home Activity
  • Unit 14  Describe  and  Compare  Attributes

    Lesson 1-Family Activity
    Set a kitchen spoon on a table.  Ask your child to find 2 kitchen items that are longer than the spoon and 2 kitchen items that are shorter than the spoon.  Then set a vase on the table.  Ask your child to find 2 household objects that are taller than the vase and 2 household objects that are shorter than the vase.
    Lesson 2-Family Activity
    Set 2 pots that can hold different capacities on the table.  Ask your child which one holds more and which one holds less.  Check the answer by filling each with water.  You can repeat using different containers.
    Lesson 3-Family Activity
    Ask your child to hold a slice of bread.  Then ask your child to find something in your kitchen that is heavier than the slice of bread and then something that is lighter than the slice of bread.
    Lesson 4-Family Activity
    Choose a few small objects, such as a cup, a book, and a spoon.  Ask your child to describe each object, and then name tools that could be used to tell about different attributes of the object (e.g., balance scale, cube trains, measuring cup).
    Lesson 5-Family Activity
    Show your child several household objects, such as a plate or a mug.  Have him or her describe each object, and then name the tool(s) that could be used to tell the different attributes.  Then have him or her name an attribute that could NOT be measured by one of the tools.
    Lesson 6-Family Activity
    Ask your child to measure the length or height of household objects, such as a toothbrush or soap dispenser, using toothpicks or paper clips.

  • *  Some pompoms.  Any color and size.
    *  Stickers of any size and type
    *  Foam stickers (shapes, letters, bible shapes, etc.).
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