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        Doubting  Thomas
    Find out how Jesus showed his disciples He is alive again.
  • Read the lesson in your Bible Story book at home.
    Family Activity
    1.  To make a "Jesus Loves Me" necklace, have our child cut out a red heart about 3 inches across.  Punch two holes, side by side, at the center top.  Your child can put a sticker or picture of Jesus on the left side and print the word "Loves" on the right.  Have our child print her name below.
       Cut plastic straws into half-inch pieces.  Your child could thread about ten of these pieces on yarn, 36 inches long; then thread the heart.  Next, have your child thread about ten more pieces of straw.  Tie the ends of yarn together so that the necklace will slip easily over your child's head.  (Note: When threading the straws, it helps to wrap tape on the end of the yarn to form a "needle.")

    2.  Cut four or five flaps like doors in a manila envelope to make a Bible story guessing game.  Slide a picture from one of the past Bible stories inside the envelope with the picture under the flaps.  Open one flap at a time to reveal part of the picture.  Have your child try to guess what the Bible story is.
      Memory Verse
    I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.  Mark 9:24
         Superkids Club:    Learn K, k,  Qu, qu
    Learn K, k, Qu, qu
  • Meet the Superkids:   Learn  K, k, Qu, qu
    Look for the email that will allow your child to use the online song and library that goes with our learning of each letter this year.  Sign-up and lead your child to the website.  I will keep you informed about which letter we are studying.  Enjoy learning K, k, Qu, & qu with the Superkids this week.

    Listening Practice:
    Say each word and ask your child where they hear the sound /k/. 

    kitten        kit           ask       duck
    mask       task          luck      pick

    Blending Practice:
    Have your child say each sound of these words and then say the word with all the sounds together.

    quick        quit         quack      kit
    kick          kept        pocket      rock

    Memory Words
    is          a            the           us         of   
    put       for          and          no        like




           This week we will work with types of shapes.
    Home Activity
  • Unit 13  Analyze,  Compare  and  Create  Shapes 

    Lesson 1-Family Activity
    Play What object am I? with your child.  Think of an object in the house, such as a window or a door, and give clues about it.  For example: I have 4 sides and 4 vertices.  All my sides are the same length.  What shape am I?  Then have your child give you clues about an object.
    Lesson 2-Family Activity
    Show your child a ball, a can, and a cube-shaped block.  Ask him or her to compare the features of each object, such as which objects can stack, which can roll, and which can slide.  Have your child point to the flat surfaces on each of the objects. 
    Lesson 3-Family Activity
    Show your child a can and ask him or her to identify the flat surfaces (circles).  Show your child a box shaped like a cube and ask him or her to identify the flat surface (squares).  Take turns identifying other objects that have flat surfaces that are circles or squares.
    Lesson 4-Family Activity
    Pick an object in the room that is a cube, sphere, cone, or cylinder.  Give your child clues about its shape, and ask him or her to guess which object you are thinking about.  For example, a clue could be “Its flat surface is shaped like a square.” (cube)  Then invite your child to take a turn picking an object and giving you clues.       
    Lesson 5-Family Activity
    Give your child paper, pencil, and a small square shape, such as a square cracker or a square sticky-note.  Ask him or her to draw another shape, such as a rectangle, using the square.  Repeat with other shapes.
    Lesson 6-Family Activity
    Take a look around your kitchen.  With your child, look for materials that can be used to build different 2-D shapes.  For example, your child can build shapes from dough, wooden spoons or string.
    Lesson 7-Family Activity
    Have your child use materials from your house to build a 3-D shape.    

  • *  Some pompoms.  Any color and size.
    *  Stickers of any size and type
    *  Foam stickers (shapes, letters, bible shapes, etc.).
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