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        Jesus  Walks  on  Water
    Find out how Jesus Walked on the water.
  • Family Activity
    Search through the Bible story materials in your home to find a picture of Jesus.  Mount it on a large piece of tagboard or heavy paper, and print these words:  Jesus cares for me and loves me;   
                                                                                  Tells me,  "Do not fear."
                                                                                  How I love and trust my Jesus!
                                                                                  He is always near.                under the picture.
    Punch two holes at the top of the paper.  Pull string through the holes and tie the ends.  Hang the picture in your child's room as a reminder of Jesus' power and love.  Read the verse often to your child and take your troubles to the Lord in prayer, trusting in his power to help.
      Memory Verse
    Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you.         Psalm 50:15
         Meet the Superkids:    Learn B, b
    Learn B, b
  • Meet the Superkids:   Learn  B, b
    Look for the email that will allow your child to use the online song and library that goes with our learning of each letter this year.  Sign-up and lead your child to the website.  I will keep you informed about which letter we are studying.  Enjoy learning B, b with all the superkids this week.

    Listening Practice:
    Say each word and ask your child where they hear the sound /b/. 
    (Front or Back of the word)

    best          bell           boss            fib                belt    
    tub           Bob          club             billion          bus


    Blending Practice:
    Have your child say each sound of these words and then say the word with all the sounds together.

    bad          bag           cub        blast      bed
    bit            bog          bud        glob      boss

    Sight Word Practice:
    I         a        is      the     us     Superkids

           This week we will learn how to write the teen numbers.
    Home Activity
  • Count Numbers to 20
    UNIT 9  Count  Numbers to 20
    Lesson 1-Family Activity
    Draw groups of 11 or 12 circles, each on a separate index card.  Have your child write the correct number on the back of each card.  Then use the cards to practice counting and writing the number 11 an 12.
    Lesson 2-Family Activity
    Have your child write the numbers 13, 14, and 15 on 3 index cards.  Show your child groups of 13, 14, and 15 objects,  Have him or her count the objects in each group, say the numbers, and match the number cards to the groups.
    Lesson 3-Family Activity
    Have your child write the numbers 16 and 17 on 2 index cards.  Show your child groups of 16 and 17 objects.  Have him or her count the objects, say the numbers, and match the number cards to the groups.
    Lesson 4-Family Activity
    Have your child draw 18 objects, and then write the number 18 below the group of objects.  Repeat for the numbers 19 and 20.
    Lesson 5-Family Activity
    Pick a start number between 1 and 15.  Have your child write the next four numbers.  Repeat using different numbers.
    Lesson 6-Family Activity
    Give your child a handful of small items such as pennies, buttons, or dry beans.  Have him or her count how many of each item there are.  Count together to check your child’s answer.  Then line up the same number of objects in another arrangement.  Have him or her count to see that the number is the same.
    Lesson 7-Family Activity
    Put 15 coins on a table.  Say: I have some coins on the table.  I am hiding 1 or more coins in my hand.  How many coins could I have in all?  13, 14, 15, 16, or 17?  Have you child count the coins on the table and then explain how he or she knows how many coins their could be in all.     

  • *  Boxes of classroom tissues.
    *  Some pompoms.  Any color and size.
    *  Paper stickers of any size and type.
    *  Foam stickers (shapes, letters, bible shapes, etc.)
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