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Our Very Hungry Caterpillar
Last year the kindergarten children(4K) performed the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar during the Showcase night in the spring.  This year we are watching the transformation of a monarch egg into a butterfly.  Here are some pictures of her progress. Update:  On Friday, September 11th, the butterfly emerged and was released into the schoolyard.

Apple Orchard Trip
We traveled to the Christiansen's Apple Orchard in Waupaca.  We saw how apples grew and walked through the orchard to see many different kindsof apples.  Mrs. Christiansen showed us a special ladder she uses to pick apples.  Then we each picked our very own apple.  The apples were washed in the washing machine.  Last we tried some apple cider.  YUMMMMM!

FVL Kinderfest
We joined all other Kindergarten children from our federation at FVL for a morning of fun and contest activities.  We watched a play and met Rocky the Fox.